Sean Tizzle said he is unafraid to enter the music world again.

Sean Tizzle said he is unafraid to enter the music world again.

Sean Tizzle, a singer, has claimed that his long absence from the music business will have been worth it because he is ready and unafraid of any difficulties that may arise.

When questioned about his worries about returning, he stated this in a recent interview.

Sean Tizzle stated that although he had been out of the spotlight for a while, he had been recording and working behind the scenes.

He also dispelled rumors that he had been living in America for years, saying that he had always been in Nigeria and had never spent more than three months abroad.

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Sean Tizzle recently released the 12-track album “Dues,” and music fans are responding favorably to it.

Nigerian singer-songwriter Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele is better known by his stage name, Sean Tizzle. He was officially signed to Wind Vane Music after being with Sound Sultan’s Naija Ninjas.

As the frequency of his releases decreased, the music star would vanish from the public eye, leaving only the nostalgia of his immortal hits.

The music industry is no stranger to the name Sean Tizzle. He dominated the scene for a while before taking a vacation after his hit single Sholee rocked the industry.

The Jalolo singer discusses his absence and what fans can anticipate from him with SEGUN ADEBAYO as he appears to be worming his way back into their hearts through a handful of new songs.

Keep in mind that Sean Tizzle was once one of the nation’s most promising musicians at the height of his career since he attracted a lot of attention and fans.

Up until 2015, Sean Tizzle’s blossoming music career seemed to have experienced only a minor setback.

At the time, there were rumors that the singer planned to leave D’Tunes’ Difference Entertainment and launch his own record label, Tizzle Nation, amid internal conflicts between him and the management of the company.

Additionally, there were rumors that Sean Tizzle broke his contract, which cost the label a lot of money because they had to reimburse him for the performances he allegedly declined to attend despite having been booked for several months.

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