Taiwo Awoniyi Biography, Net Worth in 2023 and Wife

Welcome to this post about Taiwo Awoniyi Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary, Sponsors, Wife, Tattoos, Cars, and more.

This article will provide more information about the Nigerian professional football player Taiwo Awoniyi,

Who plays as a center forward for the Premier League team Nottingham Forest.

Taiwo Micheal Awoniyi, well known by his nickname Taiwo Awoniyi, switched allegiances from Union Berlin to the English team in 2022.

Just recently, he logged 40% of the team’s total minutes played and has pushed himself to crack the starting lineup.

With the 2023/24 season fast approaching, the club is in the midst of a rebuilding phase led by manager Steve Cooper,

Who has added a whopping 22 players during the previous transfer window.

The team is putting in a lot of effort to form a relationship and chemistry with the new side, and the Nigerian is doing the same thing.

In the stanzas that follow, we are going to learn more about the players life.

Taiwo Awoniyi Net Worth and Salary

Only via his profession as a football player does Taiwo earn the majority of his money.

As of the year 2023, it has been claimed that the player’s net worth is £ 3.7 Million.

According to Transfermarkt, the player is estimated to be worth twenty million euros on the open market as of the year 2023.

During his time with Union Berlin, the athlete brought in a staggering salary of 1.8 million British pounds each year.

The player’s current pay rate has not been made public at this time.

Taiwo Awoniyi Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary and Wife

Professional Club Career

In 2010, Taiwo started playing football at the Imperial Soccer Academy, where he also played with the academy’s younger teams.

In 2015, he signed with the English Giants Liverpool.

After being purchased for a transfer price of about 400,000 British pounds, he was promptly leased out to FSV Frankfurt.

After spending time on loan with many different teams in 2018, including NEC, Mouscron, and Gent, he was released from his contract with the club.

He was loaned back to Mouscron for a second time in 2019,

When he appeared in nine matches and scored seven goals.

Before the start of the 2019/20 season, he was loaned out once again, this time to Mainz 05, where he appeared in 12 matches.

After his return to Liverpool, he was informed that he would be sent out on loan for the seventh time throughout his professional career.

Before the start of the 2020–2021 season, he moved to Union Berlin on loan.

Following the conclusion of the loan spell, Union Berlin reportedly paid Liverpool a transfer fee of £6.5 million and signed the forward on a contract that included a 10% sell-on clause.

In June 2022, after just one year with the club, he was reportedly purchased by the freshly promoted Nottingham Forest for a cost of 17 million pounds.

This occurred after he had been with the team. In August of 2022, he scored the first goal for the club in a match against West Ham United, which culminated in a win by the same score.

In the match against Liverpool in October 2022, the player’s goal was all that was needed to give the team the victory at home.

Taiwo Awoniyi Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary, Sponsors, Wife and more

International Profession and Career

Before making his way up to the senior squad,

Taiwo competed for Nigeria’s national football team at the under-17, under-23, and senior levels.

During the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup, he was a member of the team that ended up winning the championship.

Additionally, he was a member of the squad that triumphed in the 2015 African U-20 Championship.

He was given a spot on the team before to the qualifying matches for the 2022 FIFA World Cup,

Taiwo Awoniyi made his debut in the match against the Central African Republic.

It was revealed that he would serve as the squad captain during the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Family and Background Information

On August 12th, 1997, Taiwo was born in the city of Ilorin, Nigeria.

Mary Motunrayo Awoniyi and Elder Solomon Adewoye Awoniyi are his mother and father, respectively.

Kehinde is the player’s younger twin sister, and they are twins.

Taiwo Awoniyi Wife – Taiye Jesudun

After a significant amount of time spent together as a couple,

Taiwo and Taiye Jesudun tied the knot in a traditional engagement and wedding ceremony on June 15, 2018, in Kaaba.

Their marriage has been granted the gift of parenthood,

And they are overjoyed to have been given the opportunity to raise their son,

Whom they have given the name Awoniyi Emmanuel.

Sponsors and Endorsements Received by Taiwo Awoniyi

On any of his social media platforms up to this point, the footballer has not been spotted supporting any one brand.

However, using the skills that he has, he will demonstrate them on the field in order to demonstrate his value to a potential sponsor.

Cars and Tattoos by Taiwo Awoniyi

Although Taiwo has not been seen driving a car on the streets of Europe,

It is possible that he has a garage full of high-quality vehicles.

Taiwo, in contrast to a lot of other players, doesn’t have any tattoos on his body.

Taiwo Awoniyi Biography, Net Worth in 2023 and Salary


Birth Place ILorin, Nigeria
Father’s Name Elder Solomon Adewoye Awoniyi
Mother’s Name Mary Motunrayo Awoniyi
Star Sign Leo
Net Worth £3.7 Million
Birthday 12 August 1997
Nationality Nigerian
Position Forward
Senior Clubs Liverpool,  FSV Frankfurt, NEC, Mouscron, Gent, Mainz 05, Union Berlin, Nottingham Forest.
Wife Taiye Jesudun
Children Awoniyi Emmanuel
Social Media @awoniyi18

FAQs about Taiwo Awoniyi

What is the net worth of Taiwo Awoniyi?

The net worth of Taiwo Awoniyi is estimated to be around £ 3.7 Million, in Nigerian currency that is around 2,137,468,671 Naira.

How many clubs have Taiwo Awoniyi played for?

Taiwo Awoniyi has played with eight clubs at the senior level including;

Liverpool,  FSV Frankfurt, NEC, Mouscron, Gent, Mainz 05, Union Berlin, Nottingham Forest.

How old is Taiwo Awoniyi?

Taiwo Awoniyi was born in 1996, which means he is in his mid twenties as at the time of this publication.

What is the Nationality of Taiwo Awoniyi?

From his name and looks it is obvious that Taiwo Awoniyi is a Nigerian.

Has Taiwo Awoniyi ever won a Premier League?

No, he has never won a Premier League. However, he has competed in the top level against players that have won the Premier League.


Taiwo Awoniyi Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary and Wife

Taiwo Awoniyi Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary, Sponsors, Wife, Tattoos, Cars, and more
Taiwo Awoniyi


The life and journey of Taiwo Awoniyi is a remarkable tale of talent, perseverance, and triumph.

From his humble beginnings in Nigeria to becoming a rising star in the world of football,

Awoniyi’s story is an inspiration to aspiring athletes and dreamers alike.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks throughout his career,

Awoniyi never lost sight of his passion for the game.

His relentless determination and hard work paid off,

Leading him to conquer new heights and establish himself as a formidable force on the football field.

Not only is Awoniyi an exceptional athlete, but he also embodies qualities of resilience, humility, and gratitude.

He remains grounded, acknowledging the support and guidance he received from his family, coaches, and teammates along the way.

As we delve into Awoniyi’s biography, we gain insight into the sacrifices he made,

The obstacles he overcame, and the sacrifices made by those around him.

It is a testament to the power of dedication, discipline, and a strong support system in achieving one’s dreams.

Furthermore, Awoniyi’s impact extends beyond the football pitch.

His philanthropic efforts and commitment to giving back to his community demonstrate his character and the values he holds dear.

He serves as a role model, inspiring young athletes to pursue their passions while also making a positive difference in society.

In conclusion, Taiwo Awoniyi’s biography is a story of resilience, determination, and triumph.

His journey from a young boy in Nigeria to a rising star in the world of football exemplifies the power of pursuing one’s dreams and the impact of unwavering dedication.

Awoniyi’s story will continue to inspire and motivate countless individuals to chase their ambitions, overcome obstacles, and make a meaningful impact on the world around them.

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