Beyatt Lekweiry Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary, Sponsors and Girlfriend

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In this article, we will take a closer look at the personal and professional life of Beyatt Lekweiry,

A professional football player for AS Douanes on loan and the national team of Mauritania.

This includes Beyatt Lekweiry’s Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos, Cars, and more.

In the year 2021, Beyatt Lekweiry made the move from the professional club FC Nouadhibou in Mauritania to the professional team AS Douanes on loan.

The team hopes to keep him for a longer period of time since he is still relatively young and they place a high value on him.

The British publication The Guardian has ranked him as one of the top 60 players born in 2005 and included him on their list.

At the national level, he is the one to represent Mauritania’s squad.

In the next paragraphs, let’s learn more about the player’s background and profile, shall we?

Beyatt Lekweiry Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary, Sponsors and Girlfriend

Professional Club Career

When Beyatt was young, he picked up the sport of football at FC Nouadhibou and started playing.

He continued his development with the club’s junior program and made his debut with the senior squad of Nouadhibou in the year 2020.

In July of 2021, he started playing for the team Douanes in Mauritanian as part of a season-long loan.

There is widespread agreement among the nation’s media that he is among the most exciting young footballers to emerge from the country in recent memory.

He presently has the support of a number of elite teams in Europe and other Continents,

All of whom are interested in acquiring his services in the not too distant future.

Beyatt Lekweiry International Career

Before making his debut with the senior squad, Beyan competed for the nation’s U20 team in the match that was being played.

During the 2020 Arab Cup for Under-20 Teams, he was a vital player for the Under-20 squad.

In spite of the fact that he was just 15 years old, he played for the U20 squad.

Due to an injury, he was unable to compete in the 2021 Africa U20 Cup of Nations.

At the age of 16, he made his debut for the nation as the youngest player ever to do so.

He was selected for the senior side that competed in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations and made his debut during that tournament.

In January 20, 2022, he made his debut in a match against Mali after coming in as a replacement.

Beyatt Lekweiry Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary, Sponsors and Girlfriend

Family and Background Information

On April 11, 2005, Beyatt entered the world in Nouadhibou, Mauritania.

It was a lot of work for his parents to get him to the level of football that is considered professional.

Even their name has not been mentioned at this point, much alone any of the other family members’ information.

Beyatt Lekweiry’s Girlfriend

Beyatt Lekweiry is not seeing anybody at the moment and is not in a relationship with anyone.

The player’s priorities lie squarely on the field, rather than on a romantic relationship.

It is possible that the footballer is keeping a hidden relationship despite his efforts to steer clear of the press and concentrate on his professional endeavors.

Beyatt Lekweiry Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary, Sponsors and Girlfriend

Sponsors and Endorsements Deals

On any of his social media profiles, The Defender has not been spotted endorsing any one brand or business.

The athlete is in the developmental stage of his career and will be able to garner sponsors if he is able to demonstrate his capabilities and talents while competing on the field.

Automobiles and tattoos

There have been no reports of Beyatt Lekweiry being seen operating a vehicle on the roads of Nouadhibou.

The player, in contrast to many other sportsmen, does not seem to like getting tattoos on his body.

Beyatt Lekweiry Current Estimated Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Beyatt is still young, but he has already amassed a considerable fortune thanks to his football career.

According to Transfermarkt, the player will have a market worth of 50,000 euros in the year 2023.

For the player to have a high market value, he will first need to demonstrate his worth in the English League.

It is possible that in the future he may be offered rich agreements if he is successful in reaching the highest level.


Beyatt Lekweiry Facts And Wiki

Birth Place Nouadhibou, Mauritania
Father’s Name NA
Mother’s Name NA
Star Sign Aries
Net Worth NA
Age 17
Birthday 11 April 2005
Nationality Mauritanian
Position Midfielder
Senior Clubs Nouadhibou, Douanes
Achievements NA
Girlfriend NA
Children NA
Social Media Instagram


Beyatt Lekweiry Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors and Girlfriend

What is Beyatt Lekweiry’s current estimated net worth?

There is no information known on Beyatt Lekweiry’s wealth but he was estimated to have a market value of €50,000.

How many different teams did Beyatt Lekweiry play for throughout his career?

At the senior level, Beyatt Lekweiry has played for three different clubs: Nouadhibou, Douanes, and Nouadhibou.

Which country does Beyatt Lekweiry call home?

He originates from the island nation of Mauritius.

Is Beyatt Lekweiry a past Premier League champion?

The answer is no; he has never been crowned champion of the Premier League.


Beyatt Lekweiry is a footballer from Mauritania who is currently on loan from FC Nouadhibou to play for AS Douanes.

He was born on April 11, 2005, and plays the midfield position for both AS Douanes and the Mauritania national team.

When Lekweiry was younger, he was a member of the Mauritian Premier League team that belonged to his local club, FC Nouadhibou.

He spent the 2021 season on loan with AS Douanes.

During that moment, several media sources in Mauritius regarded him as one of the most exciting possibilities for football in the nation.

Beyatt Lekweiry Biography, Net Worth in 2023, Salary, Sponsors and Girlfriend

At the age of 15, Lekweiry was one of the outstanding players for Mauritania at the U-20 Arab Cup in 2020.

He was chosen to play for Mauritania in the 2021 Africa U-20 Cup of Nations, however he was injured before the competition began.

Lekweiry received his very first senior call-up in January 2022,

When he was selected for his country’s senior team to compete in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

He has the distinction of being the tournament’s youngest competitor, despite only being 16 years old.

After that, on the 20th of January 2022, he made his senior team debut in the squad’s last encounter of the Group Stage, which was a match against Mali.

He entered the game as a substitute and made highlights for himself.

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