Ronaldo dons traditional Saudi attire.

It appears that the captain of Al-Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo, has thoroughly embraced the cultural practices and traditions of Saudi Arabia.

Cristiano Ronaldo has demonstrated a strong affinity for Saudi Arabian culture, as exemplified by his recent adoption of traditional attire, namely the thobe.

The seasoned player, who became a member of Al-Nassr in December 2022, is acknowledged for his influential role in motivating several prominent athletes to pursue opportunities in the Middle East.

Ronaldo is acknowledged as an ambassador for Saudi Arabia.

The Portuguese prodigy has successfully regained his optimal performance levels subsequent to his unorthodox yet audacious transfer, which followed a turbulent second tenure with the Premier League club, Manchester United.

According to Reuters, Ronaldo, who was previously unable to secure any trophies with the Knights of Najd in the previous season, managed to alter this narrative by scoring two goals, so contributing to his team’s victory in the Arab Club Champions Cup.

At present, he holds the leading position in the goal-scoring rankings of the Saudi Pro League, having scored a total of seven goals in six matches.

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Outside of his professional engagements, the individual, who is currently 38 years of age, has evidently fully embraced and integrated into the cultural practices and customs of Saudi Arabia.

A video that has been widely shared on social media, as seen by Sports Brief, has Ronaldo donning a white thobe while engaging in dialogue with his close acquaintances, including Cristiano Jr.

The thobe is a customary garment that is commonly worn by males in the Arabian Peninsula, as well as in specific regions of East and West Africa. It is characterized by its ankle-length design and long sleeves.

The manner in which a thobe is worn can exhibit variations contingent upon local customs and traditions, whereby certain individuals may choose to don it for formal events, while others may deem it appropriate for more casual circumstances.

It is worth mentioning that thobes are widely favored as the primary option for men’s formal clothing in the Gulf states.

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