Nayef Aguerd Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors & Wife

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This article will provide more information about the Moroccan professional footballer Nayef Aguerd,

Who now plays as a centre back for the English Premier League team West Ham United.

This post will also show more information about the player’s Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Wife, Tattoos, Cars, and so on.

Due to an injury, Nayef Aguerd has not yet made his debut for the Premier League club West Ham United since joining the team in 2022.

Aguerd was a defender before joining West Ham United. He has previously served as a representative of Morocco on the national level.

In the following paragraphs, we will look at more specific information regarding the player’s profile.

Nayef Aguerd Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Wife, Tattoos, Cars, and more

Professional Club Career

Nayef started playing football in 2012 at the Mohammed VI Football Academy.

Two years later, in 2014, he went on to FUS Rabat, where he began his senior career in the sport. On February 15, 2015, he played his first game for the club and scored his first goal against Wydad AC.

The club went on to win the game 3-1.

After playing for FUS Rabat for four years and appearing in 106 matches, Nayef moved on to join the Ligue 1 team Dijon.

Before being promoted to the first team, he was a member of the reserve squad.

On August 25, 2018, he made his debut with the squad in the professional league when they played against Nice.

The game concluded in a victory for the team, 4-0, and he scored a goal in his first game.

Nayef was reportedly acquired by the Ligue 1 team Rennes in August 2020 for a transfer fee that ranged between €4 million and €5 million.

In September of the year 2020, he scored the opening goal for Rennes against Nimes, which led to a victory by a score of 4-2 for Rennes.

After being impressed by the player’s development, the Premier League team West Ham United decided to sign him in August 2022 on a five-year agreement at a reported transfer fee of £30 million.

This made him the fourth most expensive signing in the club’s history, following Sebastien Haller, Felipe Anderson, and Kurt Zouma.

Due to the fact that he is still recovering from injury, he has not yet made his first appearance for the team during the 2022–2023 season.

Nayef Aguerd Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Wife, Tattoos, Cars, and more

Professional International Career

Prior to being called up to the senior squad, Nayef was a member of the Under-23 squad for the Morocco national team.

On August 31, 2016, he made his debut for the Moroccan national team in a friendly match against Albania. The match ended in a scoreless draw.

He was selected for the Moroccan national team for the encounter. He was selected to play for Morocco in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations and participated in each of the nation’s group stage matches,

The tournament was held in Morocco.

Family of the Nayef Aguerd

On March 30th, 1996, Nayef was born in the Moroccan city of Kenitra.

His father, Youssouf Hadji Aguerd, was there for him every step of the way until he turned his hobby into a full-time profession.

Although she is well-known for the challenges she overcame to support her son in his pursuit of a career in football, her actual name is not widely known.

Ayef Aguerd, Nayef Wife Nayef is rumoured to be married, however nobody seems to know what his wife’s name is.

It appears that he is a pious person, and in accordance with the morals of his faith, he does not talk about his personal life.

Everyone has high hopes that the athlete would have a wonderful life with his loved ones.

Financial Support and Public Appearances

Nayef has been performing at a high level, and he wants to keep up this level of play going forward.

On any of his social media platforms, the footballer has not been spotted advocating any particular brand or product.

However, it is abundantly evident that the athlete will obtain sponsors in the not too distant future, and given his talent, he may even cause a competition among advertisers to become his sponsor.

Nayef Aguerd Biography,  Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Wife, Tattoos, Cars, and more

Automobiles and body art

Although Nayef has not been seen driving a car on the roads of Europe, he may have access to a fleet of expensive automobiles that he uses to go around the city with his partner.

The athlete, in contrast to many other footballers, does not appear to have any tattoos and appears to have a fear of needles.


Nayef Aguerd Current Estimated Net Worth and Salary

The revenue that Nayef brings in primarily comes from his career as a football player.

As of the year 2023, it is believed that Nayef has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 million.

Transfermarkt rates the player’s value at 25 million euros based on the current market situation.

The player makes a respectable wage of one million British pounds each year, which is not bad for a Premier League squad that is in the middle of the league.


What is the net worth of Nayef Aguerd?

The amount of $ 1.5 million that Nayef Aguerd has in their personal wealth.

How many different clubs has Nayef Aguerdl played for in his career?

At the senior level, Nayef Aguerd has played for a total of five different clubs, including FUS Rabat, Dijon, Dijon B, Rennes, and West Ham United.

How old is Nayef Aguerd?

He will be 27 years old this year.

What is the Nationality of Nayef Aguerd?

He hails from Morocco and represent the nation on all stages.

Has Nayef Aguerd ever won the Premier League?

He does not have any victories in the Premier League to his name.

Nayef Aguerd Facts And Wiki

Birth Place Kenitra, Morocco
Father’s Name Youssouf Hadji Aguerd
Mother’s Name NA
Star Sign Aries
Net Worth $1.5 million
Age 27
Birthday 30 March 1996
Nationality Moroccan
Position Defender
Senior Clubs FUS Rabat, Dijon, Dijon B, Rennes, West Ham United
Achievements NA
Wife Unknown
Children NA
Social Media Instagram

Nayef Aguerd Biography,  Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Wife, Tattoos, Cars, and more

Nayef Aguerd Biography,  Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Wife, Tattoos, Cars, and more
Nayef Aguerd in Action for his country, Morocco


Nayef Aguerd is a professional footballer who plays as a central defender.

Here are some details about Nayef Aguerd:

Date of Birth: Nayef Aguerd was born on March 30, 1996, in Fleury-Mérogis, France.

Nationality: He is of Moroccan descent and has represented Morocco at the international level.

Club Career: Nayef Aguerd has played for various clubs during his professional career.

He joined the French club Dijon FCO in 2018, where he gained attention for his performances as a central defender.

International Career: Aguerd has been a part of the Moroccan national team. He has represented Morocco in international competitions, contributing to the national team’s defense.

Playing Style: Nayef Aguerd is known for his defensive skills, including tackling, aerial duels, and positional awareness. Central defenders like him are crucial for maintaining a strong defensive line in a team.

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